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Which Probiotics Do you use for Babies? - Nurse gone Natural
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I’ve talked before about how I used probiotics with my little girl to help with her eczema when she was a baby. I have been asked 3 times just this week which probiotics I use and recommend for babies.
Before I dive into which probiotics I use, let’s dive into them a little deeper. Probiotics are basically beneficial bacteria that live in your intestines (or gut). In a healthy person, there is a good balance of these bacteria and they grow naturally and produce beneficial nutrients for the body . Probiotics can refer to either bacteria or yeast. It is beneficial to have a good diversity of bacteria in your intestines. It’s no surprise that Americans tend to have the least diverse number.


Some of the beneficial things that probiotics can do are:


Help with eczema, allergies, and asthma – This is because most people with these issues need help with processing the toxins in their body or environment.


Hormone production and disposal – Probiotics help with healthy creation and disposal of hormones which helps to create balanced hormones.


Produce vitamins – Specifically B vitamins and K1.

Neutralize toxins – this helps your body to be able to detox well.

Keep pathogenic bacteria and yeast under control – This helps to prevent issues like yeast infections and candida overgrowth.

Increase absorption of minerals – Minerals are so essential to health, but if your body can’t absorb them, they can’t be used.

There are many more ways in which the body needs probiotics. Many of these are just recently being researched.


Some of the factors that can impact gut bacteria are:


Antibiotics – Antibiotics can be very helpful in a few circumstances. However, as a society we have overused antibiotics because doctors have given them for every little thing, even viral infections (like colds), that aren’t even affected by antibiotics. These drugs kill off both the pathogenic bacteria (the one causing problems) and beneficial bacteria. This is why people often get diarrhea while taking antibiotics. 


Sugar – Sugar and the simple carbohydrates that contain it (like sugary drinks) feed the pathogenic bacteria in the gut and can cause issues like yeast infections and candida. 


Medications – Many medications can impact the gut because they contain components that are toxic and can kill off beneficial bacteria. 


Chlorine and Fluoride – These are both components that are common in treated water and are toxic and cause issues with the gut bacteria.


Stress – Stress is a huge factor in overall health. Stress can specifically increase those pathogenic bacteria. 

As you can see, probiotics are very important to health and can also be impacted in many ways. Keep in mind also that there are thousands of different strains of bacteria. Below are my top recommended probiotics for babies. These are the best quality of what I have used and all of them (except the bio-kult) are also free of dairy and common allergens.