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Ahh, Christmas is upon us once again. If I’m being honest with myself, I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I love the decorations (and how homey they make a house feel in the middle of winter). I love the lights, the parties, the festive drinks, the times spent with family and friends.

But, there is one thing I do not enjoy about Christmas and that is the clutter. The clutter from those toys grandpa thought were so cool, but they were played with for a week and here they are on my living room floor as clutter. Anyone else here me on this? I also have the mindset of expectation and entitlement that this teaches our kids. So, in an effort to help you give good gifts to the kids in your life this year, here are 10 non-toy gifts that you can put on your list.

  1. Experiences – Be it tickets to the zoo, the movies, bowling, a concert, a baseball game, waterpark, or Disney on Ice. Whatever that kid is into, get them a ticket to go.
  2. Time – Better yet, be the one who takes them. My kids LOVE when they get to go do something special or fun with Grandma and Papa on their own!
  3. An item for their room – Hobby Lobby has a great selection of boy, girl, super-hero, and princess decor for kids’s room. You know those glow in the dark stars you had on your ceiling as a kid? They still make those and my kids love them!
  4. Essential Oil Diffuser – We got each of my kids these as a reward for helping when we moved. They love having one in their room and it is so nice when they are sick or needing extra help calming down at night.
  5. Headphones – These are great for long car rides or trips. Mom and Dad will thank you too!
  6. Neck Pillow – Again, these are awesome for those trips or long car rides!
  7. An Advent Book – As a parent who is trying to be intentional about the season and what I teach my kids around it, I’ve had a hard time finding the right advent calendar, until now. I found this at a concert last week and I got it for my own kids and also for nieces and nephews. It has a story for each day and an ornament to put on a pop-up tree. My kids have looked forward to it every day!
  8. Bug House – If your kids are anything like mine, they are constantly taking jars and any other containers they can to keep their bugs in. This is a great way to encourage that curiosity without losing your jars!
  9. Butterfly Hatching Kit – Along with the bugs, butterflies are also very popular in our house. Enjoy watching them up close by hatching them with your kids.
  10. Learning Games – I know, games can be a pain too with all their pieces. But, playing games is a great way to spend time with your kids. It’s even better if that game helps them learn something. This game is amazing as it teaches kids about plants and herbs that are edible and medicinal.

Bonus Stocking Stuffers

  1. Sunglasses  – If your kids are anything like mine, they’ve gone through several pairs of sunglasses. These are great for stockings!
  2. Ear Muffs – My daughter is always messing up her hair with a hat after it’s nicely done. Grab these so she can keep that hair untangled.
  3. Non Toxic Nail Polish – Since chemical free nail polish etc. can be a little higher priced than regular, I get them as gifts as a splurge.
  4. Lip Balm – Here in Wisconsin, winters are very cold and dry. Lip balm is a necessity that unfortunately is easy to lose. Have lots on hand and throw some in their stocking. (girls especially love the tinted kind!)
  5. Better Candy – I want my kids to learn to enjoy candy etc. in moderation. They usually each get a candy cane and a healthier chocolate bar. (Theo and Endangered Species are my favorites)

It an be hard to find gifts that your children will enjoy that don’t end up as clutter (or drive you crazy!), but with a little thought and creativity, I’m sure you’ll find some that they (and you) will enjoy.