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I wanted to tell you a little of the backstory about why I’m so passionate about natural health. Like many moms I talk to, it was a health issue with my oldest that led me to the beauty and safety of natural health.


For me, it started when I was young. My mom was interested in natural health growing up. She had us read actual health-related books for homeschooling classes (yup, I’m one of those kids). So I definitely was exposed at a young age.

While I was in school for nursing, I worked at a chiropractor’s office part time. I couldn’t believe some of the transformations I saw. There were people who would come in not being able to walk and then after an adjustment, they stood up straight and were able to leave on their own. The ones that impacted me the most were the kids and babies who would come in after being on several rounds of antibiotics and still having issues with chronic ear infections. After 2-3 adjustments, they would be happy babies again!

I graduated, took my nursing board exam, and had my first baby in a 2 month period. Despite being exclusively breastfed, she had eczema. She should sometimes scratch herself to the point of bleeding, and it would break my heart! I knew from just being in pharmacology class that the first product typically recommended for eczema was steroid cream. I did not want to use this on my 3 month old as I knew the side effects could include: bleaching of the skin, thinning of the skin, hormone imbalances, and worse eczema (known as rebound effect) upon stopping the cream.

After talking with our pediatrician (who was a holistic-minded Nurse Practitioner), she told me she had been doing some research on probiotics and how they can help with eczema. This was almost 10 years ago now when probiotics were not all the rage. In fact, I don’t think I’d even heard of them at this point yet.

I started doing my own research and I was much more willing to give the probiotics a try over the steroid cream. I was working in a dialysis unit at the hospital during this time and I asked the doctor (who was very kind) what he thought about using the probiotics. He chuckled and said to me “The gut has nothing to do with the skin”! But in fact, it does.

All Health Begins in the Gut ~Hippocrates 

I got the recommended probiotics and her skin cleared up, not all the way, but a good part. She had a dairy allergy that we weren’t aware of yet too.My mind was completely triggered and I started reading everything I could about nutrition. It was one of my patients in the dialysis unit who actually pointed me to the Weston A. Price Foundation.

I started working for another chiropractor shortly after I had my second child doing muscle testing. I took a year to do several trainings on muscle testing down in Florida. I’ll talk more about muscle testing another time. While I loved muscle testing, it highly relied on supplements (which I have nothing against and use often), but I wanted to know more about whole foods. I wanted to know what food I could use to support certain organs and which foods could impact different diseases.

In 2015, I went out on my own and started my own nutrition practice and also my certification with the Nutritional Therapy Association. I ran my practice for 2 more years before my family moved. I now am just doing consulting online and via classes. I’m thankful for you and joining me in this journey!